Data Scientist

ID/X Partners Virtual Internship


10 June - 10 June 2023


This Virtual Working/Internship Experience program will give you a virtual internship experience as a Data Scientist at ID/X Partners. You will be positioned as a Data Scientist Intern who is faced with problems, case studies, and projects that become ID/X Partners daily routine. Data scientists will collaborate with business analysts, data engineers, software engineers, project managers, on the same project to provide the best IT solutions for clients.

You will be challenged to master and implement various skills and tools commonly used at ID/X Partners, such as Big Data Fundamentals, Statistics & Data Analytics, SQL Querying, R Programming, Python Programming, Machine Learning, etc. At the end, you will be given the challenge of completing end-to-end Machine Learning modeling to create data science solutions for clients.

Keterampilan yang dibutuhkan

Machine Learning Big Data Statistics and Data Analytics Data Warehouse Programming Language Scripting Deep Learning SQL Querying Softskill Knowledge Data Visualization

Tools yang dibutuhkan

Python SQL Laravel
Pengumuman Seleksi
10 Oktober 2022
Jadwal Magang
10 June - 10 June 2023
Hubungan Kerja
Virtual Internship
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